“I was born innocent… and I’ll die innocent” Ahmed Dini Speaks Out Against Match Fixing Allegations

In a recent article regarding  the division of the African Australian community due to the competing tournaments of ASFA and Somali Week, I wrote about the allegations that have been made against ASFA Cup creator Ahmed Dini. Recently, Dini spoke to Sports On The Global in attempt to clear the air and claim his innocence. 

It was alleged that Dini had a hand in North Melbourne’s success in the past due to him being a resident of the suburb, but he quickly made it clear that he had no illegal role in their title victories. Dini had this to say when he was asked about the legitimacy of the claims made against him.

I don’t know where these allegations came from but to match fix for someone I think you’ve got basically get them to win a footballing match they’re not supposed to win. The two years North Melbourne won this tournament they beat Carlton 3-0, that wasn’t match fixing everyone watched that game, everyone was here. Deng had an unbelievable game he scored a hattrick. The other year North Melbourne actually had a red card given to their player against Heidelberg and won 5-2. So how is that match fixing? If it was match fixing Heidelberg would have been given the red card. So whoever is saying that I think you need to wait for God to give you the answer… wait for the other side… no I have never been [involved in match fixing.]

When I asked him if he had anything to say to the creators of Somali Week and whether he believes he betrayed the ASFA Cup by creating a tournament that runs at the same time, Dini had this to say.

Well I think everybody has their intentions so I don’t know what their intentions are and I obviously don’t know what’s going on there, but it’s a little bit of competition for us so why not. I’ve got nothing against Somali Week and I’ve said many times I have nothing against them personally but yeah obviously, creating a tournament the same time as ours obviously shows that you know, they might be in competition with us. At the end of the day we have different outlooks. Theirs is apparently a Somali tournament, ours is too, but we happen to welcome other people, we live in a multicultural society and I just don’t see how you could separate people who were raised together. But yeah, I have nothing negative to say about them and anything I’d have is to say is all the best to them. I think they provide a service and the service I provide is different to theirs. I’m innocent. I was born innocent and I’ll die innocent. You can quote that.

Their seems to be a sense of harmony between the two tournaments so the idea of the winners of the two Cups facing off in a Super Cup does not seem too unfathomable.


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